Pre-Marital Survival Guide

When couples wed, they promise to stay together “till death do us part”—but in reality, almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. How can you beat the odds and successfully nurture a long-lasting, happy, and healthy relationship? Proper pre-marital planning is the answer. Vikki Ziegler has seen it all and has extensive experience guiding couples emotionally and financially. She created this planner in order to share the lessons she’s learned. There’s plenty of wisdom here on how to facilitate discussion on every crucial pre-marital concern, from whether marriage is the right choice to whether or not to have children and what to do about money. Ziegler goes through the basic rules that must be followed to create a thriving union, discusses the important emotional attributes that keep a couple together, and explains how to develop good communication and listening skills. She navigates through the sensitive topic of intimacy, as well as the tough issues surrounding anger and conflict resolution. And because clashes over money can torpedo a marriage faster than almost anything else, there’s plenty of in-depth attention devoted to finance, with charts and lengthy questionnaires that can eliminate nasty postnuptial surprises. Filled with interactive charts and questions for couples to answer together, plus tips and tools, The Pre-Marital Planner provides smart answers to the fundamental matters that need to be addressed before you enter into the most important relationship in your life. Vikki Ziegler is not only one of America’s preeminent attorneys specializing in matrimonial law and civil litigation, but she’s also a media personality known for her commentaries on high-profile cases; an active volunteer for women’s and children’s charities; and the innovator of a unique and realistic approach to “divorce management” and litigation. Ms. Ziegler currently chairs the IX Ethics Committee in New Jersey and is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar. She has received numerous honors and distinctions throughout her career, including being named one of the Top 40 Lawyers under 40 by the New Jersey Law Journal in 2006 and receiving the same honor by New Jersey Business News in 2008. In 2010, Ms. Ziegler was recognized as a “rising star” in the Super Lawyers Magazine, and in March 2010 was acknowledged as one of the Top 50 Women in Business by New Jersey Business News. Ms. Ziegler frequently appears on the Fox News Channel, FOX 5, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business Channel, CBS, and many other media outlets to discuss high-profile celebrity cases relating to marriage and divorce. She is an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School and the CEO of, a website that serves as a resource for information and to assist newly divorced singles as they navigate the dating environment. Written by Vikki Ziegler, Esq.

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