Charity is good for the soul...Take a break from your marital strife and give back. On Wednesday, December 3rd, I was at The Get Together Foundation’s ( 8th Annual Toy Drive in support of the foster children of Edwin Gould and met so many fantastic, giving people. Giving in a time of crisis can be a real panacea to deflect from the difficult time that you are experiencing. Helping another in a time of need does something amazing for your own self esteem. It is a selfless act that demonstrates:

  • that you are kind
  • that someone else is more important than your own needs at that moment
  • that charity starts at home and is a great lesson for your children and those around you
When I worked for Make A Wish Foundation seeing very ill children who didn’t deserve to be sick have very special wishes granted was a high for me like I never experienced. To see these beautiful children smile and forget about their illnesses was unforgettable . These children were so brave, so courageous and they had the fight of their lives on their hands. Try signing up with a local charity. Donate your time to a soup kitchen, collect items for a food drive, do a walk for a charity like breast cancer or some other very important cause. It will change your life in ways unimaginable. Hey, it can also relieve your focus on your own marital strife too. Giving is the best form of positive release in my opinion. For some of my favorite charities that I have personally participated in please see below. Remember, there are thousands of charities that would love your help. Whatever your cause is do something positive to change another persons life. You will be rewarded in ways I cannot describe. Be a role model for those around you. It doesn’t cost anything to pay it forward My favorite charities Make-A-Wish Chai Lifeline Brand new day Toys for Tots