The rumors that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were divorcing have been swirling for some time now, but Madge's reps have cleared the air.. it is official.... they are divorcing. Months ago it was also believed that Madonna had consulted with Paul McCartney's lawyer, Fiona Shackleton and Guy has hired a divorce attorney of his own. With Madonna being one of the most business savvy women in the world, why would she not have asked Guy Ritchie to sign a prenup? Is love blind even for the Material Girl herself or did she just believe she would NEVER get divorced? As a singer-songwriter, actress, fashion designer, music and film producer she has done almost everything in the entertainment business that one could think of and has been on top for since the 1980's. So why wouldn't she protect her empire? Didn't she see the "ray of light" or was she "burning up" from Ritchie's love? Now she may be singing her bedtime story to her daughter and explaining to her why it is so very important to protect assets when you enter into a marriage. One factor maybe that The United Kingdom, as of 2007, does not enforce prenuptial agreements (although there have been some notable exceptions). They also do not have a provision for marital regimes. Madonna is estimated to be worth over $650 million dollars and has homes in London, New York and Los Angeles to name a few.....Guy's new name could be Ritchie rich if he gets a piece of her empire! Madonna may now be looking to file her divorce complaint in New York which is an equitable distribution state unlike California which is a community property state dividing assets accumulated during the marriage equally. Wherever this dynamic duos divorces be rest assured unless there is a financial and custodial agreement hammered out quickly, like the A-rod divorce .... It is sure to be a financial battle - The couple has been married for seven and ½ years and has two children together, Rocco and their adopted son David. Lourdes is Madonna's child from a prior relationship.