Which New Bravo Star Grew Up With Dina Manzo?

Hint: she is not a Housewife.

On our new series Untying the Knot, premiering June 4 at 10/9c, Vikki Ziegler helps divorcing couples do the impossible: come together to peacefully decide how they should divide their millions in properties, jewels, and other assets. Some times things end amicably—but many times Vikki is the one caught in the middle of all the high-stakes drama. An adjunct professor at Fordham Law School, Vikki has bonafides beyond the classroom and courtroom—growing up in New Jersey, she tells the Dish that her parents' own divorce as a teenager was a huge factor in determining her career path. "It was a heavily contested battle," she says. "I was called in to tell them who I wanted to live with and I said one week with my father and one week with my mother. It was unheard of then. And when that custody battle started, I vowed to be a divorce attorney. I had good intentions at the time." She also had certain friends that Bravo fans are definitely familiar with. Vicki reveals that she went to high school with Dina Manzo. "She's a friend," says Vikki. "Her sister Frannie also! We had a great time growing up together." Vikki says the two bonded over typically Jersey Girl interests. "We were always talking about hair and makeup," she says with a laugh. "And she'd come over and we'd go out on long walks. We had a really open and good communicative relationship." You can see more of Vikki Ziegler in action with Untying the Knot premieres June 4 at 10/9c. Watch a preview clip below.