What's Next for Luann de Lesseps? How Her Public Divorce From Tom D'Agostino Could Play Out in Court

When it comes to proceeding with a divorce, couples can be cool or uncool.
For some famous duos, things are settled quickly and away from the public eye. Others, however, can have their drama play out for all to see for months and months.After Luann de Lesseps announced this week that she was divorcingTom D'Agostino, many begin to wonder what's next for a couple that was married for seven months. While E! News has learned that the couple had a prenup, there are still things to discuss before things are completely finalized. "Wedding presents to both parties belong to both parties. They're going to have to divide them equally," celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler shared with E! News. "Usually men don't care about them but if he's pissed off or seeking retribution, they may fight over the wedding gifts." While Vikki is not working with Luann or Tom, the Untying the Knot star believes Luann has the right to keep the ring and any gifts that her man gave her directly.
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