Vikki Ziegler Weighs In on Antonio and Melanie's Split | Bravo TV Dish | Official News

The Untying the Knot star also sounds off on J.Lo's break-up with Casper Smart. Jun 6 - The Dish Ah, Summer Fridays: the season of early exits from the office—and the perfect day for Celebrity News Dumps! Today, two A-List couples revealed they were splitting up: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith (married for 18 years) and Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, who have been together since 2011. So what's at stake with their splits? Naturally, we called upon Vikki Ziegler, star of our new show Untying the Knot to weigh in with her thoughts. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith Antonio and Melanie lasted much longer than most Hollywood couples and it's more like an eternity being married for 18 years in the world of celebs. This will be Melanie's fourth divorce and Antonio's second. And divorce statistics show that first time marriages end at a 50% rate; second time marriages end at a 63% rate and third time marriages fail at a rate of 72%. This divorce is no exception. They have lots of money and property to fight over with homes and assets in the U.S. and Spain. Their daughter will turn 18 soon so let's hope custody will not be an issue, although Melanie is reportedly requesting sole custody in her divorce filing. This is a case where you would think they have a tight prenuptial agreement but that doesn't mean she may still be asking for support, which appears to be the case in her divorce filing. Sometimes, couples defer alimony (AKA spousal support) until the divorce occurs because they need it on a temporary basis until the divorce is final or for a period of time after the divorce to maintain the lifestyle to which he/she became accustomed. It is reported that Antonio is worth $45 million and Melanie is worth $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It should be interesting but I hope they can resolve their issues outside of the court room with a mediator to ensure it is done quietly and efficiently. Otherwise, they could be in divorce court for some time.