Vikki Ziegler Plays Rough On UNTYING THE KNOT

Golan and Jennifer in happier times prior to “Untying the Knot”
Vikki Ziegler had a tough time getting a divorcing couple to act maturely during last night’s UNTYING THE KNOT on Bravo. If you have not sampled the show, it’s a great time to do just that.
Ziegler is a top notch matrimonial attorney who specializes in settling nasty divorce fights over possessions, and in UNTYING THE KNOT she takes on one couple at a time. If she is unable to get them to agree, they are welcome to take the tug of war into the courts, which could take a long time, draining whatever they have left just to prove a point.
Last night’s show focused on Golan and Jennifer, a Florida couple divorcing after 13 years of marriage. Until the very end, Golan was threatening to blow up any settlement just to drive his soon-to-be ex-wife crazy, using whatever money he had left to do so. He used pointed facial expressions to punctuate his threats, which Ms. Ziegler ignored as she went her business.
That business is learning about the items left at issue, bringing in her crack team of appraisers, brothers Mark and Michael Millea and devising a way to attempt to satisfy both parties. Along the way, Vikki has to listen to the reasons for the breakup told by each of the matrimonial combatants.
Both Golan and Vikki acknowledged that his stepping out on her after making a tidy sum in his business caused strife, but they differed on the last straw. It was nasty and affected their ability to divide an authentic passport that belonged to Anwar Sadat, an original painting by a popular artist, real estate properties and a diamond necklace.
On UNTYING THE KNOT Vikki does not suffer fools gladly and that includes Golan. To shut him up about draining their assets to spite Jennifer, she pointed to the bling on her finger. She makes the money for her jewels when couples don’t want to take the cheaper and easier route. Golan finally got it.
A deal was struck but not without nastiness and childishness. It’s what makes a contested divorce fertile ground for a reality TV show.
Bravo airs UNTYING THE KNOT Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.