Vikki Ziegler Divorce Legal Tips

Women become co-dependent and they have to be accountable for themselves. You have to ask questions. A divorce is an emergency and women need to be prepared for. Putting their head in the sand during the marriage. They don’t look at the checkbook, what it takes to run a household. You have to take part in the financial partnership and be involved. When children are involved… Start by getting an emergency application for child support and alimony. This would force her husband to pay some of the bills until the divorce agreement is settled. If you are still living together through the divorce process… Stay married to him on paper for as long as you can, which will give you a better chance at alimony. Don’t just settle for what he’s willing to give if you could get more. The First Steps To Take When Being Served With Divorce Papers Gather all the spouses assets, debts and income. Start the witch hunt! Get the bank accounts, credit cards, life insurance policy to know who is the beneficiary. You can’t divide assets if you don’t know them! Preserve your privacy. This is crucial before your legal stuff begins. Change passwords to bank accounts, online credit card accounts, phone passwords, email passwords, etc. so the other spouse doesn’t see anything. Get professional help. Try to get free consultation. Most lawyers have to do a certain amount of pro bono work.