Is dating seriously healthy after being divorced less than one year? For Tiger Woods- ABSOLUTELY! Tiger Woods apparently has a new girlfriend. Is this a rebound? Or something more serious? She is only 22 years of age?! Is Tiger ready to settle down after his torrid affairs that were allegedly in the double digits? I say NO! According to the Daily Mail, Tiger has been seeing a 22-year-old student named Alyse Lahtik Johnston from Cleveland, Ohio. The two have reportedly been seeing each other for "a few months" and they "have been spotted on Woods' yacht." RadarOnline reported on Monday that Johnston is just looking for a good time. Johnston reportedly sent a text message to a friend "saying she didn't consider herself Tiger's girlfriend. They were just having a good time hooking up." Tiger and ex-wife Elin Nordegren officially divorced in August of last year. Nordegren recently purchased a 17,178 square foot home for $12.2 million in North Palm Beach, just 10 miles from Tiger’s new mansion in Jupiter, Fla. Many people rebound and begin dating to forget their past relationships. From my experience watching other divorced clients, I think it is important to take time to heal. Work on yourself first. Make sure you figure out went wrong in your past relationship so you do not continue the vicious cycle. Divorce statistics show that one out of 2 people divorce in this country if married for the first time. The number jump for second and third time marriages. Here are some things to watch out for in your rebound relationship: 1. Are you relying too heavily on your partner? If so give he/she some breathing room? 2. Are you acting jealous? If so step back and ask why you are distrusting he/she? Is it about them or you? 3. Are you truly happy in your own skin? Or just looking for it from another? If the answer is no continue in therapy to get to the root of your problems and underlying concerns that negatively affect your relationships. 4. Do you continue to be commitment phobic? Ask yourself why? Does it make you feel vulnerable? Be honest with yourself and work on the issues to open yourself to unconditional love. It’s worth it! 5. Are you openly and honestly communicating? If not this is one of the most important challenges in any relationship. You must be ready and clear on what you want out of relationship before you dive into one exclusively. Then and only then can you articulate you true feelings and desires. Without a clear head and heart you are headed for disaster. Trust me I know. My advice for Tiger Woods is to work on his demons. Figure out the “real” reasons for his betrayal and adultery. He needs to figure out on his terms how to live freely and honestly. Without working on the core of who he really is (not what the media portrays him to be) a man with flaws like the rest of us he can never love himself unconditionally. Without that special ingredient to love yourself you can never love another wholeheartedly. I wish him luck. Any one can rebound from bad a marriage and accept blame with dignity and humility and find true love again. It is incumbent upon Tiger Woods to dig deep into his soul to change his underlying beliefs and come to terms with the past. It will set him free.