One of the most scandalous athlete cheater stories in history appears to be close to an end—with a staggering payout making it the most expensive divorces ever. Way bigger than the Michael Jordan payout of 150 million to his ex! Tiger Woods may have a deal to divorce from Elin Nordegren, but not before dishing out a $750 million settlement in exchange for keeping silent! I'm speechless and that's not easy ! As a divorce attorney it is unheard of for any high profile celebrity to give his ex more than his net worth in exchange for parenting time and a lifetime confidentiality agreement. That means even if Tiger dies Elin can NEVER talk about the details of his affairs and their divorce EVER! So what is really going on here? My speculation is this- 1. Tiger is worth more than a billion dollars; 2- there are more skeletons to fall from the closet so its worth it to pay Elin to zip it 3- Tiger wants to rebuild his reputation and will pay Elin anything to get the divorce over and done with behind closed doors and not in an open courtroom. Regardless, this divorce settlement will be one to remember for a long time coming. Even with a prenuptial agreement, Tiger is allegedly paying her hundreds of millions more. I think this changes the landscape for athletes who cheat and think it will not impact their financial matters. News flash- you cheat you pay! Big time! do you think it will be transferred to Elin in one lump sum? i sure hope so. Can anyone say shopping spree?