The World About to Witness the Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever – Vikki Ziegler Speaks About Jay Z and Beyonce

As Beyoncé And Jay Z wrap’s up their On the Run tour which finishes in Paris in a few weeks time, the rumors of the couple’s divorce still hovers over the two music heads. There has been much talk of divorce between the couple recently, with numerous media reports from a whole host of outlets suggesting that a split is imminent due to everything from cheating rumors to slap-downs. Vikki Ziegler, who heads up Bravo’s Untying the Knot series, spoke to US magazine about how the upcoming alleged Beyoncé And Jay Z divorce may pan out, financially speaking at least: “If the reports are true they’re going to divorce, they are probably working behind the scenes to figure out the timing of the announcement and how they’ll divide their business entities,” she said. According to Ziegler the outcome of the divorce will very much depend on the pre-nup agreement between the couple as this will determine how easy or difficult the divorce will be. As Zieglar said, a lot will also depend on whether or not the couple keep their finances separately or together:
“That would be a huge factor. If they kept everything separate and discussed how they will be separately paid from their joint business ventures, such as the present tour, or if they’ve put everything into a marital pot for the last six years of marriage.”
considering the staggering amount of money involved, Ziegler suggested that : “I think it’s estimated that Jay Z’s at $520 million and she’s at $480 million. We’re talking one of the biggest divorces in celebrity history, topping Michael Jordan in the athletic world and most others that we’ve seen.” Another big concern, of course, is custody as that is never included in a pre-nup. This throws up all types of child support issues and custodial questions: “In New York, which is not like other states, joint custody is not preferred if the parties can’t co-parent. The court usually awards custody to the better, more fit parent,” she said. Ziegler pointed out that Blue Ivy will be sorted for life, no matter what:
“From what I can tell, this baby has a great lifestyle, vacations, wardrobe, nannies, those are all factors that will govern the amount of child support,” Ziegler pointed out. “And that can be hefty. It could be $50-$100,000 a month. And that’s non-taxable.”
It would good for everyone – apart from the lawyers — if the final settlement between Beyoncé And Jay Z could be settled amicably out of court. Unfortunately, with so much money at stake, that looks like a forlorn hope.