If you are contemplating filing for divorce, or if you are already involved in a proceeding, it is gravely important for your attorney, your accountant and your financial advisor to have a complete financial picture. This includes both your incomes, assets, life insurance, medical insurance, mortgage information, college costs and funds, retirement investments and balances, as well all types of debt information for both parties to the action. The earlier this information is gathered, the better. By being prepared BEFORE the case begins to prepare your team of experts to properly assess your case and guide you accordingly. You can expedite the process by giving your experts the necessary tools to give you the best advice for your particular case. You can help your experts and counsel discover income and or assets that your spouse may be secreting or discover assets that you never knew existed in your discovery process. If you become proactive you will inevitably save time and money as information gathering becomes harder and more costly at times after the parties split and/or the tensions of the litigation get ignited. Make a file of all of your documents and maintain them in a safe location for easy access.