Teen Mom Jenelle Could Lose Custody Of New Baby –Attorney

Jenelle Evans is thrilled to be pregnant with baby #2, but unless she stays clean and healthy, her mom Barbara Evans, could win custody of this baby, too!

Jenelle Evans, 21, and new husband, Courtland Rogers, were surprised and elated to learn that the Teen Mom 2 star was six weeks pregnant, shortly after their Dec. 4 marriage. But keeping custody of their new baby, after Jenelle Evans lost custody of her first son, Jace, now three, means that Jenelle’s behavior while pregnant, has to be exemplary, celebrity family law attorney, Vikki Ziegler tells HollywoodLife.comexclusively. “Jenelle needs to make sure that she gives no reason for her mother, Barbara Evans, who already has custody of Jace, to run to court and make a petition for custody,” says Ziegler. “If Jenelle’s mother can prove to the court that she’s been doing drugs while pregnant, or if she hasn’t seen her first son, she has potential to win custody of the new baby.”

Jenelle’s Husband Courtland Also Has Custody Rights To Their Baby

Of course, Jenelle is married now, and her husband, Courtland, would have the right of custody, but he also has a history of prescription drug abuse. “The grandmother can say that they’re both unfit,” warns Ziegler. The problem for Jenelle is that it’s very hard in her home state of North Carolina for a mother to lose custody of a child in the first place. “Parents have a fundamental right to their children, and so there’s a high hurdle to lose custody,” explains Ziegler. “The fact that Jenelle did lose custody after a series of arrests for assault and drug possession, plus at least one stint in rehab, means she has to regain the court’s trust,” says Ziegler. So what does Jenelle have to do to ensure that she retains custody of her new baby, due in September? “She must stay off drugs, make repeated attempts to see her son, Jace, and also to see her husband’s daughter, Jordan (JaJa), 1. She needs to focus on the children who do exist, showing her maternal instincts. Plus, she must focus on her health and keep herself and her fetus out of harm’s way,” explains attorney Ziegler.

Why Jenelle Needs To Be Mom Of The Year While Pregnant

“All eyes will be on Jenelle while she’s pregnant,” says Ziegler. “She needs to be mom of the year while pregnant.” Now, of course, she’ll have to stay on her best behavior after the baby is born, too, because her mother could go to court at any time. Her mom will undoubtedly be watching the whole situation closely. But Jenelle, remember — the health of your baby is at risk, too, if you use any drugs — either recreational or prescription (if they’re not taken as prescribed by a physician). So keeping healthy while pregnant won’t just ensure that you retain custody of your baby, but also that you keep it healthy — something you undoubtedly want. Good luck, Jenelle. What do you think, HollywoodLifers — will Jenelle keep custody of her new baby? Let me know!