To rest of the series and the answers that people wrote click here I was married at 21 years old. I was very young and very naive about a lot of things. I got divorced when I was 27 years old and I did everything wrong!! I did not have an accountant help me with my finances. If I were to go through that again I would definitely have a CPA eliminate any tax burdens and give me good tax advice that would have helped me reduce tax bills and alleviate the chances of having any assets seized. I did not have a Financial Adviser in place but I sure wish I did!!!! I really needed an FA to help me understand my assets & help provide a monthly budget to mitigate debt and help get accustomed to living on 1 salary instead of 2. The expertise of an FA can help control your expenses and make proper investments for a promising future. There are so many ways to cut costs and manage money, people just don't know about them. An FA can improve anyone's financial situation by mapping a blueprint that will get you where you are to your financial goals. I did not have a divorce attorney, I filed the paperwork myself and represented myself in court (which was a long drawn out process!!!) I would definitely try to find an attorney that could be a life coach, give moral support along with great legal advice. My advice is to find an attorney that genuinely cares about people and wants them not only financially stable but emotionally too!! That's why my mom and I chose you, you are what I just described:)) Before I got married I should have had an prenuptial agreement in place, this would have eliminated the long battle of assets! Everyone should know that divorce is very stressful and unpleasant no matter what legal, financial or tax specialists you have on your side but also know that these experts can also relieve financial issues so you can be on your way to a complete financial and emotional recovery. Don't think you can go through this alone, believe me I have done it. If I could go back in time I would have done everything differently. You need experts on your side, people who care!