Simon Cowell Opens Up About Baby & Divorce Scandal In First Interview spoke with Simon in his first interview since news broke that he’s expecting a child with his friend’s estranged wife! Talking with us at the Fox TCAs on August 1, he revealed that there are major ‘misconceptions’ about his new baby and alleged girlfriend Lauren Silverman!

Simon Cowell is finally breaking his silence! spoke with the X-Factor host at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Aug. 1, where he actually talked about the news that he’s expecting his first child with Lauren Silverman, as well as the divorce papers that her husband Andrew Silverman just filed, which named him as a co-respondent.

Simon Cowell Opens Up About Baby & Divorce Scandal In First Interview

“I would love to talk about it but I have to respect a lot of people’s feelings!” Simon told us. “Absolutely . There are a lot of things I will clear up when the time is right, but I have to be sensitive with everyone’s feelings that are involved.” Simon is currently being dragged into the middle of a nasty divorce battle between his alleged girlfriend Lauren and her estranged husband Andrew. The three were all good friends until Andrew filed for divorce and named Simon as a co-respondent. He’s alleging that Simon and Lauren had an affair which caused the end of their marriage. To add to the drama, Lauren is now pregnant with Simon’s first child! “I respect the media and always have had a good relationship with them,” Simon continued. “When they have a story they have to write about it. When I need promotion they help me out. It goes both ways and you have to take the rough and the smooth.” Overall, that is a very fair answer and we’re sure Simon will definitely have a lot to say when the time is right. In the meantime, Simon and Lauren have hired an attorney to represent them in the divorce case.

Why Simon Cowell Was Named In Divorce Papers — Top Attorney told you that Simon was named as a co-respondent in papers filed by Andrew in mid-July in the Manhattan Supreme Court. We spoke with top celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler, who told us that this is a very “rare” thing for someone to do. “It’s pretty rare these days to be named as a co-respondent in a divorce action,” Vikki tells “When people name a third party, it’s a payback to embarrass them because they are very hurt. Simon may absolutely have to testify down the road if the court grants the divorce based on adultery. “ Vikki went on to explain that naming Simon could be an attempt by Andrew to get out of paying more in a divorce settlement. Keep in mind, Simon is reportedly worth $350 million. Also, they were all just spotted on vacation together in St. Barths in January of 2012! “This means that Lauren might take less in the divorce settlement. It may mean they could settle out of a courtroom,” Vikki says. “It would streamline the divorce financially and end up causing them less embarrassment in the media, especially for Simon.” also spotted Andrew at NYC’s Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel grabbing coffee and looking “sad” on Aug. 1. This is the same day the news broke about Simon being named in the divorce. We’re sure this isn’t an easy situation for any party involved right now! What do you think of Simon’s first comments, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!