Whatever may really be going on in Charlie Sheen's head the first priority at this point in time is to ensure the safety of their twin young children. They cannot defend themselves nor call for help if they are placed in danger. It has been reported by TMZ that Brooke Mueller received a temporary restraining Order against Charlie Sheen on March 1, 2011, and as a result cannot come 100 feet in contact with her or the children until the next Court appearance. Mueller alleged that Sheen threatened her and fears for the safety of the children when in his care and control. On the other hand, Sheen is now alleging that Mueller is a drug addict, is unstable and vows to fight for custody of his twin boys. These dueling allegations will be yet again played out in the media and in a Los Angeles Courtroom before a judge to determine if Sheen is a danger to his children and to Mueller now or in the future. At this point there are more questions than answers. One thing is for sure, both Sheen and Mueller need serious help to first get clean if they are presently battling any addictions and learn from a professional how to co parent properly. Both parents will have to prove first and foremost that they are clean and not on drugs or have an alcohol abuse problem. Next, they must show that they can properly care for the children without supervision. Next, they must be able to communicate with one another about issues regarding the children in some rational and peaceful manner. The Court will always look to the best interest of the children test to ensure their safety and well being. I always believe that children must be protected if there is the slightest doubt that they may be in harm's way. Unfortunately, the only people that really truly suffer are these two, impressionable boys. Adults should be just that and act in a stable and healthy fashion for and in front of their children. Small children must be protected both physically and emotionally. Clearly, Sheen and Mueller have not demonstrated a peaceful and safe relationship for these children. What I can tell you is there will likely be drug tests ordered for both parties, psychiatric evaluations, home visits potentially by family services and much more for Sheen and Mueller to look forward to in the upcoming days and weeks. Sheen and Mueller should really take a step back and think about how their actions are negatively affecting the children now and well into the future. These twin boys and are in a ping pong match that they never signed up for whatsoever. We will see what unfolds when a Judge decides who the better parent is in this nasty custody battle that had re-emerged and whether or not Mueller is in imminent danger and should be protected indefinitely by a final restraining order.