Here are some questions I recommend asking a Divorce Attorney about their fees and expenses: If sit down with you for an initial consultation what is the cost? Is it billed against my retainer if I hire you or is a flat fee charged? Is a retainer required and if so, how much? What are your hourly fees? If I pay a retainer and the funds are not all used is the balance refundable? Or in the alternative, if my retainer is exhausted how am I charged- monthly? Do I receive monthly bills ? Can you please explain how your hourly fees are charged? How much is a phone call lasting 10 minutes charged for example? Do you charge an additional retainer if my case goes to trial? Are there any other trial costs that I should be aware of? If I am assigned to another attorney, what are the hourly rates for the others who would work on my case? What other professionals may I need to pay and what are their fees? ( financial planner, life/business coach, cpa, real estate appraisers, psychologists, private investigators etc.) Can you give my advice about what other services I may need to protect myself and my children ? (a new or living will, power of attorney, trust, prepare a deed to transfer property, ) Why are you different than other attorneys in your field?