Lucky for Maria Shriver, what’s Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s is also hers! spoke with top family divorce attorney Maria Shriver Could Win Over $100 Million In Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce, Says Top Attorney!, who reveals that since their home state of California is a community property state, Maria would be owed a lot in a divorce. “She stands to make over 100 million based on their estimated fortune,” Vikki explains. “If by chance there’s no prenup, Maria could be in an even better situation,” Vikki says. “Because California is a community property state, they share all assets. He’ll have to pay her alimony and child support.” How much she would be owed depends on a judge’s decision. “The judge will base it on the income and how many kids. Interest on their income and what type of lifestyle the kids have could play a big part in how much money Maria gets.” The high profile couple’s worth is alleged to be between $200 million and $400 million. If Maria takes her estranged hubby to court with her legal samurai LA based divorce attorney Laura Wasser in her corner, she could deplete his Hollywood fortune! Maria and Arnold reportedly drew up a prenup when they wed in 1986, but since they’ve been married for 25 years, it might not matter. “Sometimes in prenuptial agreements when they are long term marriages, after a certain time there’s a ‘Sunset Clause,’” Vikki continues. “It might say that ‘The prenup was to protect my assests for about 15 or 20 years and then at that point we are probably going to be married forever.’ That’s what some couples have in their prenups and that’s how it would become null and void. They are not common, but they are placed in prenups of celebrities and high profile clients.” Now that Arnold has come clean about his 20 year affair with their housekeeper Mildred Baena and their 14-year-old lovechild, it could definitely hurt Arnold’s chances of protecting his assets in court. “We’ve seen this in the Catherine Zeta Jones – Michael Douglas prenup, where it states that there can be financial ramifications if one of the spouses cheats,” adds Vikki. “It would affect Arnold’s credibility.” One thing is for sure — his cheating won’t look good. “The infidelity will put him in a negative light if they are going to litigate the case. She could hit him for heavy child support and temporary support until it’s all settled.”