Almost every divorce needs a rock solid team of professionals to help clients get on track before during and after a divorce to get through the process feeling secure that your interests are being protected and that your questions are being answered. Although every case is different it is important to know what experts are available and which are best suited for a particular case. Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, and/or Certified Divorce Financial Analysts handle many financial aspects of a divorce before, during, and even after a divorce becomes finals. There are numerous other professionals that guide people through this sensitive process. 1) Therapist- A qualified therapist can help you through the emotional process and guide you through the next chapter in your life. 2) Life Insurance Agent- Learning about the different types of life insurance policies available for your particulate circumstance, can be invaluable in a divorce, to underwrite child support, alimony as well as forced savings as some life insurance policies have cash values.3) Mortgage Broker- Knowing how to reduce your monthly mortgage payments, acquiring the best loan and interest rate are all necessary information needed for individuals maintaining a home in the future. 4) Certified Public Accountant (CPA)- Calculating your net worth, explain tax implications on capital gains, alimony and any other financial matters are invaluable in this process. 5) Certified Divorce Financial Analyst- These trained professionals can help you with budgeting, organize your financial future, assist in an investment strategy and work with your concerns about economic consequences regarding the division of assets.