Lindsay Lohan Has Kept Her Lawyers In Business?

And has sent all of their kids to college and paid off the mortgage of their summer houses and bought them all new cars! Funny how she doesn't have any of those things herself, huh? Let's be blunt: Lindsay Lohan has been a mess that past few years. We're glad to see her finally getting back on her feet and making good on her promise to clean up her act, but it doesn't change the fact that we've seen her more times in an orange jumper than we have at movie premieres. Considering that fact and the fact that we're all still in a hard economic time, we began to wonder just how much money LiLo has spent on her lawyers over the last say, oh let's go with five years. In the opinion of attorney Vikki Ziegler, she may have blown through her ENTIRE Playboy salary — and then some! According to the lawyer:
"If you quantify for the past four and a half years she has needed legal representation, you can generalize that with the amount of time, work and legal challenges, probation hearings, court appearances, etc., the legal fees could be no less that hundreds of thousands of dollars and likely over a million."
WOW! That's just … WOW! The way Ms. Ziegler explains it, since Lindsay's legal woes are essentially ongoing, she probably had to pay an upfront retainer BEFORE being charged the lawyers hourly rate. The retainer itself could be anyway upwards of $50K and if that is the case, than judging by the amount of times Lindsay has been sentenced to jail, she's already paid $250,000 in legal fees! That's without even going to court! And where did she come by this money? She didn't have this Playboy check a year ago or two years ago? Where did all this cash flow in from???