Lawyer: Kim Kardashian Should Not Accept Annulment

The newest development in the Kim Kardashian divorce drama involves action from Kris Humphries. He has decided to not sign the divorce papers in hopes of just going through with an annulment so he can move on with his life, now that the NBA lockout is over. However, a divorce lawyer is now offering Kim some valuable advice about accepting this annulment in favor of her original divorce papers; don't accept it! According to Vikki Ziegler, who is a top divorce lawyer for the stars, Kim should not accept Kris' offer for an annulment. "If Kim goes through with the annulment, it could ruin her career," Vikki tellsHollywood Life. "Because it will prove that her marriage was a sham and done just for ratings. So she will likely never agree to it." And this seems to be the one thing Kim Kardashian is currently fighting; proving that her marriage was real. An annulment does have some benefits that Kim Kardashian should consider; an annulment means that she can just walk away from the disaster of a marriage and forget about it. But she would have to take the public criticism of the marriage being a scam. Could that have serious consequences on her career? Another benefit of an annulment is that Kim can avoid fighting in court over property, jewelry and paychecks. What will Kim Kardashian decide to do? Her fans are eagerly waiting for the next development.