Kris Humphries: I Hope You Stand Your Ground & Tell Your Side On ‘GMA’

Kris is set to appear on the morning show on Dec. 9 with his mom to talk about Kim and do a cooking segment. I just hope he speaks freely about what happened to his marriage with Kim — do you agree with me?

Kim Kardashian better not be the only one allowed to talk about her divorce! Kris Humphries has remained mum since Kim filed for divorce on Oct. 31 and I just hope he’s finally going to tell the world what exactly what went so wrong that his marriage after just 72-days. Kris, don’t be scared of Kim! Look, I understand that Kris might have signed a confidentiality agreement. Therefore, if Kris even mentions Kim, she could possibly attack him legally and sue him for big bucks. But, I hope that Kris really isn’t going to have his first TV appearance be just about cooking! I spoke to top divorce attorney Vikki Zieglerwho tells me that Kris can at least discuss his own emotional state and I hope he does! I have always been a fan of Kim but there are two sides to every story! We’ve heard Kim sadly say she’s not sure if she’ll ever have the family she dreamed of , but what about Kris? Does he want to ever get married again? Does HE want kids? Kim even went on an Australian TV show right after filing for divorce and told the world about how SHE was feeling. She and her sisters took to Twitter and Kris Jenner did the morning show circuit defending Kim. But what about Kris’s side? Kim has even blogged about it for goodness sake! If Kris isn’t allowed to speak and he’ll be stuck making sugar cookies and a gingerbread house tomorrow morning, I’ll scream for him! Let’s face it, we live in a Kardashian world and we hate to love it but love to hate it. But let’s give Kris a chance to tell his side? Tune in tomorrow morning to ABC to see Kris on GMA!

— Chloe Melas