Kris Humphries Filing For Separation From Kim Kardashian — Expert Explains Why

Although Kim filed for divorce on Oct. 31, a source says Kris will instead file for legal separation. Top divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler tells why this is actually a smarter move!

A source tells People that Kris Humphries will file for separation instead of divorce from Kim Kardashian. And has learned that Kris’ decision will actually allow him to annul the marriage, so that there will never be a record of it. He’s erasing her from his life completely! “Filing a separation instead of responding to the divorce complaint will allow for Kris to create an annulment request to ask the court to void the marriage as if it never existed,” Vikki tells us. “The main benefit of annulment is that the marriage is over, and there are no further issues to deal with. Divorce, on the other hand, may mean involvement with your ex-spouse for years to come on issues such as support and property division Some people also seek annulment for religious reasons because it’s important to remove the marriage from existence, in the law and in their faith.” We told you Kim has lawyered up with top divorce attorney Laura Wasser and Kris stuck to his native Minnesota sports attorney to handle the proceedings. We just hope things go smoothly and these two can finally move on!

— Chloe Melas