Kris Humphries drops the 'F' word in divorce papers

Kris Humphries is using the “F” word to describe his marriage - fraud! Instead of a run-of-the-mill divorce from Kim Kardashian, Humphries filed for an annulment from his marriage to the reality TV princess citing fraud as the reason. Kris isn’t pulling any punches either; he wants Kim to foot his legal bills too. Could the move be a reaction to the ugly spin the Kardashian PR machine is painting of Kris? Or does Kris really think he is a victim of a faux marriage? One thing was real, the cold hard cash that Kris and Kim made for their fairytale wedding -- a reported $18 million! Since the marriage only lasted 72 days, that breaks down to $10,358.80 per hour of wedded bliss. So would a pre-nup hold? Or is this annulment just the first step down the road of a long and messy legal battle between Kim and Kris? Only time … and maybe a reality show film crew ... can tell.