Kris Humphries Could Drag Out Kim Kardashian Marriage Forever Over Fraud Dispute

Kris Humphries could drag out Kim Kardashian marriage forever over fraud dispute. Hollywood Life has been chatting with an attorney by the name Vikki Ziegler,who claims this latest prenup stunt by Kris Humphries could halt this Kim Kardashian divorce case forever in the worse case scenario. As previously reported, Kim wants a divorce,while Kris wants the whole damn thing annulled. Vikki said,unless Kim consents to the annulment, it could delay the case indefinitely. However,if Kim agrees to go along with it,this whole thing could be over in less than six months. If the marriage ends up getting annulled,the confidentiality agreement within the prenup will become void because the whole prenup,itself,will be void,allowing Kris to spill the dirt about what happened in their weird relationship. Vikki thinks that Kris could also be trying for the annulment to get some settlement moneyout the Kardashians to not say anything. Either way,it’s starting to turn into a real big mess that’s actually pretty interesting for a change.