Kim Kardashian Will Ruin Her Career & Reputation If She Agrees To An Annulment

Top divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler tells that although agreeing to an annulment would be easier for Kim, it will prove her marriage was a sham! Find out why!

Kim Kardashian is about to embark on a bitter divorce battle. The 31-year-old reality star filed for divorce on Oct. 31 and after remaining mum for weeks, Kris Humphries filed for separation on Nov. 30. Vikki Ziegler says that if Kim goes through with the annulment, she won’t have to pay Kris a dime, but it will make her look like a total fraud! “If Kim goes through with the annulment, it could ruin her career,” Vikki tells us. “Because it will prove that her marriage was a sham and done just for ratings. So she will likely never agree to it.” Although Kim would look like a total phony, the annulment has its perks. It will allow Kim to get out of the marriage without having to wait the typical six months mandated by California law and she won’t have a battle over assets like property, jewelry and paychecks! “If the marriage is annulled no one gets anything. No money, no division of property. If there was any money to be shared at all, Kris would get zero,” Vikki explains. “So if there were a possibility he was to get something from the divorce, he would not if the marriage was annulled.” TMZ is reporting that Kris is claiming he was “slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian’s latest headline.” But what will Kris have to do to prove fraud? “Kris will allege that Kim never loved him and only married him for the TV show and the financial gain she received from the wedding extravaganza!” Vikki says. “Kris will have to prove there must be a misrepresentation on Kim’s end. It is not easy to prove fraud because it is usually a ‘he said she said’ argument.” This all sounds like a divorce nightmare! Should Kim agree to the annulment?

— Chloe Melas