Kim Kardashian Should Go Ahead and Call Her Marriage a Sham

A month after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, her once dream-groom, Kris Humphries, has responded by filing for separation and is reportedly seeking an annulment of their 72-day marriage. Hmm, doesn't exactly follow, right? But the situation is nothing short of a major legal battle -- and whether the end result is divorce or annulment, there are repercussions for both sides. Divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler told that if Kim ends up going through with the annulment, she could end up wrecking her career, because it would basically be like admitting "that her marriage was a sham and done just for the ratings." In other words, an annulment would technically paint her a total fraud.Ouch! But all things considered, agreeing to an annulment would be a win-win for Kim. See, if they go that route, she wouldn't have to pay Kris anything at all, and he couldn't lay claim to any of her assets. Another plus: It would take way less than six months to disintegrate the marriage than divorce would under California law. So, say she does it, and the official paperwork says she defrauded Kris, so she comes off as a complete phony. Well, haters are gonna hate, annulment or not. You know some people are going to assume the marriage was a sham whether or not the state of California "proves" that it was. So, whatreal difference will it really make if she swallows her pride and agrees to the annulment? What's more,Kim's fans are going to stand by her either way. I can't see how her decision to save herself time and money would turn them off. Sure, there may be a temporarily bruised ego, and maybe a hiccup for her career (although, I highly doubt it'll influence ratings of Kourtney & Kim Take New York or sales of the K sisters' merch or books). But overall, by agreeing to play the game Kris's way, she'll be able to put this mess behind her faster and be able to get back to putting her nose to the grindstone with her career. At this point, it's the best way for Kim to go. Do you think Kim should agree to annul her marriage or continue to fight for a divorce? By: Maressa Brown