Kim Kardashian Had Her Divorce Papers Drawn Up Friday, NOT Monday! Says Top Lawyer

Kim Kardashian sources have told the world she cried all weekend before filing her divorce papers on Mon, Oct. 31, but that’s not possible, says attorney Vikki Ziegler.

Attorney Vikki Ziegler came by he offices to shed light on what really happened on the timing of Kim Kardashian’s divorce decision. Very strangely, Kim’s divorce papers were already up on view on by 8:47, Mon, Oct. 31. But no law office would have been able to create those documents, have them signed and already filed by 8:47 in the morning in LA, that Mon am, explains attorney Vikki. Law offices simply don’t move that quickly, says Ziegler. The documents would have to have been drawn up Friday at the very latest and already been SIGNED and ready to file before the weekend , so they could actually be filed ,the moment the LA county clerks office opened its doors on Mon morning. Then they would have to have been faxed by someone immediately to post on the TMZ site, to be put up on the site that quickly. What this means: that Kim had been serious enough about her divorce decision before the weekend to already have her divorce papers drawn up and ready to go, most likely knowing that TMZ would be able to obtain and post them immediately. It just doesn’t sound like the act of a woman who cried all weekend and only made her divorce decision on Sunday night. Thanks Vikki Ziegler for giving us this and other insights, into the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce! Watch our video interview below to see and hear more! By Bonnie Fuller