Kim Kardashian: Give Kris Humphries An Annulment Now

Kim Kardashian — you may not wat to give in to Kris Humphries demands for an annulment, BUT if you don’t want Kris Humphries to be “presumed” to be the legal father of your baby, then you should “get out of that marriage fast,” celebrity family attorney Raoul Felder tells, exclusively. Unfortunately, right now because you are still legally married to Kris, “it is presumed by law” that your baby is Kris’s also, explains Felder. Kim, this is NOT what you and Kanye want. You are already in a messy enough situation with Kris; you don’t want to have him possibly assert that HE is the baby’s father. Listen, I doubt he’d do that, but he’s still very upset about how he feels that he was treated in his marriage to you. He truly thinks your marriage to him should be annulled because he is convinced that he was just “used” so that you could get great ratings on Kourtney & Kim Take New York. He doesn’t believe that you genuinely married him for love. Kim and Kanye Need To Take Immediate Steps To Make Sure Kris Humphries Not Legally Their Baby’s Dad Now, if you are still married to Kris when you give birth, we have learned that you have to take very proactive and fast steps to ensure that Kanye’s name can go on your baby’s birth certificate. Vikki Ziegler, an NYC celebrity divorce attorney tells exclusively that you and Kanye must arrange for a DNA test for the baby as soon as it’s born, to prove that Kanye is the baby’s biological daddy. Then Kanye also needs to file a “petition for paternity” asap. If he doesn’t do both these things, Kris will legally be assumed to be your baby’s father, and I’m sure that’s not something you want. But Kim, you’ll be forced to do this if you haven’t untangled yourself for good from Kris, by the time you give birth in late June or early July. Why It Makes Sense To Say Yes To An Annulment So don’t you think the best thing to do is to say yes to Kris’s demand for an annulment? You don’t really want to go to court and have a very public divorce, do you? Who would? You’ll be extremely pregnant by the time the trial would take place. Because of Kris’s basketball schedule, he won’t be able to go to trial until June — just shortly before you are due. You’re going to need a public divorce trial like a hole in the head! But on the other hand, the baby and its needs give you the perfect and appropriate reason to agree to an annulment,even if you married Kris in completely good faith. Everyone will understand that you’re taking the annulment route because it’s the best thing for both your health and for the best interest of your baby. Agreeing To An Annulment Isn’t An Admission of Anything You don’t need the stress of a divorce trial, and your baby needs to know who its’ father is, both biologically and legally from the day it’s born. And neither you nor Kanye really wants to have to run around doing DNA tests and filing legal petitions to ensure your baby’s best interests. Agreeing to an annulment now won’t in any way damage your brand. On the contrary, every woman and in fact all your fans, will understand that you are just being a loving and protective mom! So swallow your pride, Kim, think of that sweet little baby growing inside you, sign that annulment and get your ex out of your growing family’s life!