Khloe Kardashian Baby Dilemma

Recently, several videos surfaced of Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, allegedly cozying up to other women. In one, he is seen kissing and bringing an Instagram model to his hotel room while away for a weekend in New York for a game. In another video, Thompson was seen allegedly kissing a different woman in a nightclub in D.C., in a video taken in October. When news broke, Khloe was at home in Cleveland, nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child. Just two days after the reports broke, she gave birth to a baby girl on April 12th. News outlets are reporting that despite their precarious relationship status, Tristan was present in the delivery room.

I imagine this scenario is any woman’s nightmare. Pregnancy should be one of the happiest times a woman shares with her partner. Days should be spent with your partner, nesting and making preparations for the baby, dreaming about holding your precious newborn and envisioning the long future your family will share together. You should be imagining family vacations and Thanksgiving dinners. The least of your concerns should be that your partner is cheating on you.

Whenever I encounter a situation like this, it is heartbreaking because no one should have to worry about the future of their family unit right before giving birth. Khloe has been open and honest about her struggles to get pregnant and was beyond thrilled to finally be with child. Since the reports, the Kardashian clan has been unusually silent and Khloe is allegedly looking to immediately leave Cleveland in the near future, newborn baby girl in tow. Tristan is allegedly not objecting to the move.

Of course, this move and possible break up will affect their roles as parents to this precious baby girl. Because the pair are not married, they will luckily not have to go through any divorce proceedings, but should Khloe ultimately choose to break up with Tristan, the couple will need to determine the right custody arrangement, the appropriate amount of child support, and a reasonable parenting time schedule. Obviously, Tristan and Khloe not residing in the same state, coupled with the demands of Tristan’s NBA career, will likely call for a unique custody and parenting time plan. But hopefully, they can handle all of their issues outside of the courtroom and through mediation to lessen the stress on new mother, Khloe. For Tristan, this is not a new process as he has another child with an ex-girlfriend, who was born after he began dating Khloe.

No matter what Khloe chooses to do about her relationship with Tristan, I hope for peace for her and her new child. No woman should have to go through the pain of a cheating partner during pregnancy. If you or someone you know is going through a similar situation, our team at Zeigler Zemsky & Resnick is here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.