Kanye West: Run To Court Or You Could Lose Your Baby — Legal Expert

Kanye West needs to ensure that his baby is “legally” his, and this is no joke, explains celebrity divorce attorney, Vikki Ziegler. Kim is still married to Kris Humphries!

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were romantically babymaking in Rome this past Oct, 2012, they no doubt gave not a moment’s thought to Kim’s estranged ex, Kris Humphries. Well, that has to change, according to leading divorce attorney, Vikki Ziegler. She warns the happy parents-to-be that unless they make some fast legal moves, even before their baby is born, then Kris Humphries will legally be “presumed” to be the father of Kim’s baby, as long as he is still married to her when their baby is born, explains Vikki. Vikki Ziegler urges Kim and Kanye to take this situation very seriously if they don’t want to potentially end up with any custody issues with Kris! Whew! Watch the video below to learn what Kim and Kanye must do!