Justin Bieber Will Probably HAVE To Take DNA Test, Says Top Attorney!

Justin Bieber can be forced to take a DNA paternity test, even if he is 100 % innocent, top family attorney, Vikki Ziegler, told Hollywoodlife.com exclusively.

The reason Justin Bieber may be ordered to take a DNA test even though he has publicly declared his innocence and even though Mariah Yeater already accused her ex-boyfriend of being the same baby’s dad is simple, says Ziegler. “The bar to get a DNA paternity test is very low. A judge won’t require much — even just an accusation will suffice, to order the test,” she says. “The judge will feel that a DNA is simple and will quickly rule out paternity or confirm it, so why not do it?” The judge is primarily focused on the best interest of the baby and the baby deserves to know who its father is, she says. Ziegler says the judge won’t care Justin is a celebrity, or that Mariah Yeater seems highly incredible. Poor Justin! However, Ziegler also believes that Bieber’s own attorneys are 100 % convinced he is innocent or they would never have allowed him to go on The Today Show or to have called-in to TMZ.com. While it’s completely annoying and distracting, and Justin has so many important promotional commitments for Under the Mistletoe, he will probably have to still deal with this. Fortunately, Justin has a great attitude about the situation and isn’t angry. He’s handling the situation calmly and with maturity. And we’re also convinced that he’s 100 % innocent! Watch my video interview with attorney Vikki Ziegler. It’s really interesting!

— Bonnie Fuller