Jennifer Aniston will choose LOVE over money

It is being reported that Jennifer Aniston will choose LOVE over money and will not enter into a prenuptial agreement which in the event of divorce could save her tens of millions of dollars. What?! Brad Pitt left Jennifer for the sultry Angelina Jolie very unexpectedly after a few years of marriage. According to OK! Magazine she reportedly told friends that she is "choosing love and not money and that people will have to deal with it!" When people are planning their nuptials they are in wedded bliss. But as time goes on, challenges arise and more often that not marriages fail. It is reported that most celebrities will divorce at least once due to lengthy separations while filming and the wandering eye. That is a scary proposition. According to the Pre-Marital Planner, I dedicated an entire chapter about premarital planning and why it is crucial for couples to seriously consider protecting their assets from the proverbial war of the roses and the splitting of up to half of their net worth. Prenups may not be romantic but they are necessary in the event of divorce or death. You really never know what the future holds so why not protect what you worked so hard for just in case your spouse has a wandering eye? Jennifer Aniston was ranked in the top ten Forbes list of richest women in entertainment a few years ago amassing over 110 million dollars. Since then, she has amassed millions more from her movie deals, endorsements and sponsorships. In contrast, her fiancé and soon to be night in shining armor is only worth 10.5 million dollars according to celebrity net worth. Jennifer is reportedly worth 10 times her soon to be hubby and should be seriously reconsidering her nix on a prenuptial agreement. There are very creative ways to keep your premarital assets separate but pool and equally share all of the marital assets and income earned. What is the down side? They stay married forever and never need to use it? I stick to my favorite quote from Benjamin Franklin on this one my friends " An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".