Anthony is resigning. Will his Wife from their almost one year marriage? Or will she stand by her man like her boss Hillary Rodham Clinton did in the wake of the scandal Mr. Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky while Huma Abedin worked as her aid. Will she stand behind her man like Mrs. Spitzer did in the wake of the client number 9 scandal publicly? These are tough questions to ask of a woman who is reportedly in the beginning stages of her pregnancy and the world watching over her every move. Does it make sense to cut her losses and walk away from what is considered a short term marriage in the eyes of the law? Is there a Prenuptial Agreement? Who will be making more money if Congressman Weiner no longer has a $174,000 congressional salary? Are their massive amounts of debt? If so is it marital? What assets did the parties have before and during their marriage to divide? Most importantly, can Huma and her unborn child withstand the emotional pressures of a divorce at such a sensitive and serious stage of pregnancy? Mr. Weiner should have thought long and hard about his very poor choices and what consequences they would have on his Wife and unborn child. There are no excuses. He is caught red handed. Now, what happens to such a smart, soaring young couple’s marriage and unborn child in the wake of such distasteful, irresponsible behavior? Huma, my best advice to you is acquiring guidance from friends and family and make the best choice for you and you and your child. The marriage is now secondary based on Mr. Weiner’s dreadful choices. Be strong and know unequivocally, you will be okay regardless of the marital outcome. You have a promising career and the potential to make additional money if necessary to support yourself from this scandal undoubtedly.