Huge Bombshells Dropped About Two 'RHONJ' Stars

Wow. Whoever thought that The Real Housewives of New Jersey were drinking "nice juice" last week will be happy (or not surprised) to know that it's back to the dark and toxic this week. Two scandals to cover, one on the show with Victoria Gotti, Rino Aprea, and Teresa Aprea (and a few other people), and one in the press with Rosie Pierri. Plus, we had no Kardashians last night due to the Video Music Awards, so there's Don't Be Tardy business as well. In today's exclusive video below, I break it all down, scandal by scandal. Was Victoria paid? What could have possessed her to discuss this on television? Is there any truth to the rumor and how would Victoria know about it? Point by point I give you my opinion and possibilities for how this may have played out off-camera. Next, it's the Rosie and her girlfriend scandal. Have you heard about this? A blog called All About the Real Housewives printed what they claim are copies of emails between Ellen's real-life girlfriend and Sirens Media, RHONJ's production company, and Bravo. In today's episode below I discuss how it may have happened. Can any company or person truly bully another onto a reality show? You'll want to watch this. And if anyone ever asks you to go on a show, watch this again. With all this finger pointing going on, it was a breath of fresh air to see Untying the Knot's Vikki Ziegler meet with Dina Manzo this week; more on that in the video. Finally, there was a new episode of Don't Be Tardy last night, though it doesn't seem as though the series has officially switched to Sundays. I discuss what I picked up from watching, and whether I think Kim Zolciak was being straight with her viewers.