Admittedly, the focus on self can get a little self-absorbed after awhile. Many of us, once we've been day spa'd and girls-night-outed to death, like to eventually turn our attentions elsewhere. In the case of becoming a recent divorcee, you are in a unique position to help others new to your experience. Here's how: · Start a focus group: If you found it difficult to get help or support before or during your divorce in your area, don't let this stay the case after your divorce. Start a divorce focus or support group at your local church or community center and invite others to learn from your experience or, possibly, share theirs. · Write a blog: If you are comfortable helping others through the written word, share your experiences, expertise and passion online with a blog designed to educate and inform. If you don't choose to share your personal experiences online, you can still help others by writing articles or letters from the editor - and posting articles by others - about divorce in general. · Volunteer your time: Maybe you're not quite ready to take on a leadership role at this point, or would simply prefer to lend a hand to an organization or charity that already exists. There are ample ways for you to volunteer your time at worthy organizations of note, be they divorce seminars, law offices that provide their services pro bono or even domestic abuse shelters who need not just donations of food, money and clothing but also caring people with time to share. · Donate to worthy organizations:Perhaps right now all you have the energy for is donating materials or money; this is great! Find an organization that really speaks to your passion and do what you can, when you can. You may find that mere physical donations aren't enough over time, and wind up volunteering there or even spreading the word about the organization through your church and or office so that they get more donations as a result. Remember, helping others is the best way to help yourself!