I am sure you have heard about the father, Christopher Savoie who went to Japan and tried to take his children back to the US but was arrested for three weeks for kidnapping (although his ex wife abducted the children ages 6 and 8 to Japan from Tennessee in violation of the parties Judgment of Divorce). Mr. Savoie was just released but the real question that continues is will he ever see his children again? If you look into the Japanese family law system you will be quite amazed. Fathers basically lose all parental rights if the mother is granted sole custody (which appears to happen in almost all cases). Even worse, when a parent who does not live in Japan and has custody or parental rights, Japan rarely adopts or enforces these Orders. Something must be done by lawmakers, politicians and other prominent officials to protect innocent children from abduction and afford both parents the ability to visit with their children. Japan must become a signatory to the Hague Convention on Child Abduction immediately. A standardized regulatory system should be implemented to bring children home safely and quickly. Foreign countries should be open to adopting foreign judgments under certain circumstances when the best interests of the children are at stake. What do you think?