Divorce will take you on an emotional roller coaster ranging from rage to grief to low self esteem and much more. Eventually those emotions manifest themselves physically in the form of headaches, depression, ulcers and even obesity from emotionally charged eating. Regardless of your feelings and experience with divorce, what matters most is that you have a choice right now to be physically strong. The one thing that you can do is take charge of your well being. With exercise as an important and purposeful part of your daily and weekly routine you will begin to positively influence not only your appearance, but your mental clarity, your nutrition, stress reduction, sleep, self confidence, immunity, risk of disease, personal care, career and even future relationships. When you are physically fit you are better able to handle what ever stressors life may bring your way. When you feel good and have a positive outlet for stress you can both think and act with greater personal power and a new found freedom. Your fitness is something only you can achieve and no one can take away as long as you are waking up and doing something positive for yourself daily. At a time when your world may seem spiraling out of control, now is the perfect time to focus on being in the best shape of your life and doing something productive for yourself. Kelli Calabrese is the 2004 Personal Trainer of the Year. She is a lifestyle transformation expert and 22 year fitness industry leader. For more information, go to www.KelliCalabrese.com