People often think that they cannot leave a violent relationship for many reasons, not the least of which is retribution. However, the truth is that if you stay in a violent relationship you may never get out. To have the courage to stop the violence and create an exit strategy appears to be the only way out. Your safety depends on it. Moreover, children should not be exposed to such poor behaviors. As experts have said children can often repeat the violent cycle in their own relationships. So how do you “attack” so to speak the problem of leaving a tormentor? Consider these help tips and don’t delay – your life is at stake! Be a role model to others in your predicament and leave. There is no cost to freedom except to leave in peace and free of abuse. 1. Call 911 to report an incident of domestic violence. Remember, most of the time your conversation is being recorded so it can be used as evidence in a formal proceeding if necessary. 2. Go to the Court House or the police station and file a police report and/or a restraining order. Tell the police about all prior and current acts of abuse. Be detailed. Show evidence (if it exists) of abuse with pictures. 3. Get help. Talk to family, close friends, co-workers or your rabbi or priest gain support from them. Leaving will be very difficult and your team of supporters must know about the violence to assist in your exit plan. 4. Keep you cellular phone charged and with you at all times. 5. Research shelters, advocacy groups and online services to help you better understand the cycle of violence to get you on the road to emotional and physical recovery. With the help of friends and loved ones you can weather any storm and move on to a healthy and violence-free life.