No, no and no. In my opinion, children never benefit from witnessing fighting, arguing and an unhealthy marital relationship. Often times children lack the experiences of what normal families are supposed to look like and how healthy relationships are to appear. Without that visualization, children often follow their parents’ footsteps by entering into bad relationships and marriages. Children are smarter than you think and generally sense that there is marital discord even if a spouse tries to hide it. Children deserve to see parents happy. They deserve to see sharing, caring, loving, trusting and parents who can communicate. If they don’t see that type of foundation, rest assured their partnerships will not have the solid foundation necessary to last a lifetime (or a decade for that matter.) Look at yourself in the mirror and ask “Am I happy in my marriage?” If the answer is “No” and you are not committed to working on the issues- leave. Instead of wasting your time or being a poor example for your children, find a mate that you can express love and admiration for, for the benefit of yourself and your children. They will thank you down the road- perhaps not consciously… Trust me. I am living proof.