Divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler takes on Demi and Ashton and says unless they settle out of court, there will be a huge fight over their money!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have left hundreds of millions of dollars on the table for a judge to decide how to divide – unless they can privately agree on how to split their fortune. Demi had a substantial amount of money before she married Ashton — approximately $95 million. Ashton had some money, but Demi was clearly the wealthier of the two. Now, their marital assets have grown to an estimated $290 million! Money earned before the marriage in California will remain separate property. Most of the marital assets and earnings will be divided equally. That means that Ashton’s interest in his restaurants Dolce and Geisha House, companies they both started during the marriage and joint homes and bank accounts will be divided down the middle. Ashton’s hefty $500k paycheck per episode of Two And A Half Men is also at stake. However, after the complaint for divorce is filed, his future earnings will likely remain his, unless a judge decides otherwise. Demi has several homes, including one in Idaho and another in Maine, which she bought before she married Ashton. This means those will likely remain her separate assets. Demi also has an extensive doll collection valued over one million dollars, which she should also be able to keep. But all in all, this could be one messy and expensive divorce if they don’t settle out of court. Experts will have to value business interests and trace assets to determine what is exempt, like gifts Ashton bought Demi. I think Demi should get what she’s entitled to and more. He cheated! Don’t give in, stand your ground and protect your wealth for yourself and your three daughters!

– Vikki Ziegler