Can Katie Holmes Prevent Suri From Going To Scientology School? – Top Attorney Explains

The Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise custody battle is likely to turn into a war over six-year-old Suri. How can Suri NOT be caught in a tug-of-war? Top divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler speaks out.

It’s a war over Suri! If Katie Holmes wants to prevent her worst nightmare – losing Suri – she has a tough road ahead, according to top celebrity attorney Vikki Ziegler, author of The Pre-Marital Planner: A Complete Legal Guide. Both Tom and Katie could end up accusing each other of trying to kidnap Suri or prevent the other from seeing her, says Ziegler. Katie no doubt doesn’t want to end up in Nicole Kidman‘s shoes. Tom’s former wife lost custody of her children,Isabella, age 19, and Connor, age 17, to Tom. Watch to hear Vikki explain the ins and outs of the looming custody war!