This is part of my series on What To Do When You First Need To See A Matrimonial Attorney The next point of reference would be to organize yourself in advance of the initial meeting and bring only relevant documents to your first interview. These documents include tax returns, bank or account statements, general income information, if available, relevant evidence that may be used in an adultery matter or of a fraud being perpetrated during the marriage, and any other documents that will help jog your memory during the first interview. It is further important to jot down questions beforehand so that you can check them off in an organized fashion to ensure that you do not forget any important questions during the initial interview. A journal of your clear thoughts and questions can be very helpful for both you and the attorney that you are interviewing. You can use the notes and questions as a point of reference to remain organized throughout the interview. Remember, time is money, and generally people do charge for an initial consultation so you want to get the most for your money and be able to spend your time wisely.