Bethenny Frankel's Divorce- It may not be a Money war?!

bethenny-frankel-8032011-6 Bethenny and Jason's marriage may be over but there may be little to fight over when it comes to money. It is rumored that the couple signed a prenup which will very much protect Bethenny’s fortune, even though her husband started helping her run the business. Apparently and most commonly it is reported that the prenup clearly outlines that ALL of her business deals, endorsements, money from tv, Skinnygirl, and other products remain hers. An insider said,”The prenup was modified after the couple got married, but Skinnygirl is and always will be Bethenny’s, and Jason waived any rights to it.” If that is true, Bethany made the best financial decision of her life! Trust me. Jason maybe be entitled to his salary from Skinnygirl or any other derivative company he actually worked in as well as any assets held in joint name. But, if there is a prenup he will receive MUCH less than a Court would award based on her HUGE earnings during their 3 year marriage. But no one is talking about child support?! Jason coud receive a windfall in support from Bethany if he has shared custody! As I continue to teach drafting Prenuptial Agreements at Fordham Law School, I will continue to give examples of couples who desperately needed a prenup to protect the financial integrity of their assets and reduce the amount of acrimony during a divorce. Bravo to Bethany for her pre-marital planning. But , we cannot one other BIG topic- Bryn! I hope they can work out an amicable custodial arrangement for the sake of their daughter.