There are definitely advantages to being in a relationship with someone you love. I have been recently reminded of some of the best reasons to be in a relationship by a number of readers' emails that came in after I wrote Best Reasons to Be Single roughly two months ago. So in the spirit of debating both sides of an issue, below are the official Best Reasons to Be in A Relationship. If you can think of any others, please add them via the ADD COMMENT feature at the very bottom of this page.
  1. Being in Love - there really is nothing else like it ... especially when it is fresh and hhhhot.
  2. Makes ordinary things extraordinary - there is just some sort of magic associated with being in love, and being in a relationship ... everything just seems better, for some reason.
  3. Companionship - you always have someone to hang out and do things with.
  4. Sex - well at least for a while. ha ha ha
  5. Security - there is a certain mental and emotional security associated with being in a relationship. It just feels good.
  6. Honesty - it is great to have someone you can count on to be honest with you. They’ll tell you if your clothes don't match, or if you have a booger on your face, etc. ...
  7. Holidays are more fun because you have more family around.
  8. Someone to confide in - trust is a key component of any relationship.
  9. Ability to work as a team - sort of the "1+1=3" theory which means that the sum (the team) is greater than simply the individual components combined.
  10. Two incomes - you can share the bills (unless your partner is a lazy slug)
  11. No one tries to set you up on a blind date.
  12. You don’t have to sleep alone (unless you are in the doghouse).
  13. You can go to a restaurant, and not feel weird about eating alone. Or maybe that's just me???
  14. You don’t have to go to bars anymore – unless you want to, of course.
  15. You always have someone to go on vacation with.
  16. You can have favors done for you like laundry or breakfast, etc.
  17. No STDs
  18. Always someone to drop you off at the airport.
  19. You have someone to hug and kiss you when you leave/arrive. General intimacy, I suppose.
  20. Physical and emotional intimacy. Sure you can still rub one out if you want to. ha ha That was just to make sure you are paying attention here.