Congrats to Nick and Vanessa on their engagement after dating for the last four years. It is truly an exciting time to find your soul mate and begin planning the rest of your life together. But why do so many Hollywood couples divorce within just a few years? If I had the absolute answer I would have been out of business a long time ago. But what I do know is that one out of two first time marriages fail in this country alone each year. Many of you may recall that Nick is on his second marriage (he was married to Jessica Simpson with no prenup) which makes his chances for a second divorce even higher. Yes you heard me correctly! But have no fear; I am here to give Nick and Vanessa the advice necessary to stay in eternal marital bliss. Yes that's right I am telling this sexy couple how to beat the odds and enjoy marital bliss indefinitely. The number one reason marriages fail in the US is because people fight over money. Kanye West sung it best in his song Goldigger .... We want prenups we want prenups yea.... As unromantic as it sounds Nick and Vanessa should be seeking counsel to resolve their financial affairs before they walk down the aisle. By doing this they can identify the assets they want to keep separate, decide what will be marital property, allocate debts, separate business interests and income and create an estate plan. Prenuptial agreements are often used as a financial planning tool to protect against the unlikely or unforeseen circumstances in the event of divorce or death. Itcan save parties a great deal of time and money if their marriage doesn't last. Although it may be a difficult subject to broach I promise it will benefit both Nick and Vanessa in the long run if their marriage does not stand the test of time. They should think about their prenup as an insurance policy on their marriage. My advice in my book “Your Pre-Marital Survival Guide” can do wonders for new couples planning their special day. It highlights what it takes for two people to make their marriage really last. Marital planning is an essential tool for the long term success of any emotional and financial union. With some simple planning, substantive conversations, financial disclosure, honest communication and attention to intimacy Nick and Vanessa can beat the divorce statistics and enjoy a wonderful courtship forever. However, don't let me fool you, relationships are hard work. If you don't put the time into your relationship it will absolutely suffer. Making your partner a priority is paramount. You can never lose sight of your spousal priorities even when work can be demanding and time consuming. Focus on healthy relationship habits, know your roles, goals and manage your expectations of your partner. With these tools Nick and Vanessa can make their marriage a happy and healthy journey for decades to come. Vanessa and Nick would be making a huge mistake if they did not learn from others who did not enter into a prenuptial agreement. Remember Madonna’s divorce to Guy Richie, Paul McCartney’s divorce to heather mills, Reese Witherspoon’s divorce from Ryan Phillipe. I can also tell you that Mel Gibson and Kelsey grammar wished they had a prenup right about now.