Let's face it.....we all have good and bad days. Lately, it appears with the economy and emotional struggles we need to have a more positive outlook on life. I have found that stating positive affirmations can truly transform your mood and tap into your subconscious giving you a happy, positive view on your daily life without trying too hard. May I suggest you try stating a positive affirmation for a week straight and see if it helps you lift up your mood and outlook onlife. I am reading a book written by Louise Hay that is really powerful. She suggests stating, out loud various affirmations relative to the challenges you are currently facing. I can suggest some that Nancy Powers a renound Life Coach also suggests to start you out on your new journey........ I am worthy of abundance. Everything I desire is easily provided for me. I deserve happiness in every aspect of my life. I am confident my soul mate will find me. I am open to a new chapter in my life. I am not afriad to love myself unconditionally. I surround myself with loving people always. I deserve a loving relationship. I grow more beautiful with each day. I grow better everday. The best is yet to come. I deserve happiness and welcome it into my life. Taking charge of my life is empowering. I wish my ex well and devote my time to nuturing myself. My opportunities are limitless. I am and I have should start every sentence. Going through a divorce or painful break up is emotional trying. Use these techniques to jump start your new outlook of life today. It can't hurt?