7 Holiday Gifts for the Newly Divorced Friend in Your Life

The holidays can be challenging for anyone who has recently gone through a divorce. Whereas that person’s home may once upon a time have been filled with holiday cheer, after a divorce often a period of quiet moves in that can be unsettling. The temptation can be to hide under the covers with a remote control in one hand and a pint of ice cream in the other. But that need not be the case. Those recently divorced can enjoy the holidays once again and may only need a helping hand in doing so. If you have a friend or family member who is readjusting to his or her life post-divorce, here are a few fun gift ideas to remind them that they are not alone and better times are on the horizon. 1. Sleepwear. For those who spent a long time trapped in a dull or troubled marriage, the thought of wearing something pretty to bed may have been an idea long forgotten. Lingerie is often the type of purchase that is pushed down in the budget’s priority after a divorce when trying to adjust to a new financial situation. Indulge that person with a beautiful nightie or silk pajamas if you suspect it’s something she wouldn’t buy herself. Or consider a gift certificate to your favorite lingerie boutique so she can purchase new underwear and bras. Somehow when the girls are standing tall, so are we. Don’t forget your guy friends. Guys, too, need to be reminded that they are fun and sexy. Boxers, underwear, and new pajamas can go a long way toward helping him rediscover that he is vital and desirable. 2. Gym membership. Gifting a gym membership to the newly divorced is an excellent way to keep them moving, physically and mentally. Not only is the gym an inspiring place to get into shape but it is also the perfect place to be social and make new friends. If the divorced friend in your life is not accustomed to working out in a public setting, consider purchasing a few training sessions so he or she can get the lay of the land first. Depending on your budget, you may also want to add a workout outfit or even one of those cool S’well water bottles for the ladies. imgres3. Fragrance. Perfume or cologne is a gift your newly divorced friend likely has not thought to give himself herself in a while. A quick spray of a favorite scent before going out can be an instant mood changer. For the girlfriends in your life, pick up a bottle of Lavish hair perfume and body fragrance for an affordable yet luxurious holiday gift. Choose Fresh Start for daytime, infused with notes of French Riviera mimosa and White Water Aloha Orchid for a distinctively fresh, ethereal scent. Or Evening Essence, a mix of seductive, exotic florals contrasted with a lush sugar cane accord and sparkling neroli, which lend an unexpected posh sophistication to the scent. 4. Mani/pedi. Get that girl a manicure! And don’t forget her toes, too, even if it’s not sandal weather. Just seeing her freshly polished toes will make her feel pretty after her divorce, even if she’s the only one looking right now. With so many choices out there at affordable prices, you can buy her a few signature colors to get her started so that she can do touch ups in between. Check out the latest palette from Essie for ideas. Don’t forget the guys in your life either. They can enjoy a manicure and pedicure just as much as your lady friends. If they haven’t yet, you can be the one to show them what they have been missing all of this time. 5. Online dating subscription. Though your divorced friend may not be ready just yet, a membership to an online dating service such as Match.com or OkCupid might be the incentive he or she needs to get back out into circulation again. If you feel your friend is not comfortable with one of the large mainstream sites, help set up a profile for them on DivorceDating, my hip and sophisticated dating app that is devoted to assisting like-minded individuals affected by divorce find love again. The best part is membership is entirely free! What better gift than the gift of your time? 6. A night out with you! It’s often not enough to say to your divorced friend, “Call me when you feel like going out,” because, chances are he or she won’t. Pick a few dates on the calendar and ask them to commit to one. Then go ahead and plan a fun day or evening. Dinner at a restaurant he or she hasn’t been before, a play, an art exhibit, whatever. Just make sure the venue is somewhere that is new and exciting, so he or she is inspired to join you. You want to show your friend that life can be enjoyable even after divorce and there is a whole world of experiences waiting for them. 7. Spa day or weekend. A day or weekend at a spa can encompass all of the above gift ideas while jumpstarting your divorced friend’s new life. A spa is typically all-inclusive, providing healthy meals, exercise classes, and education in a beautiful and invigorating setting at a fixed price. A weekend alone or with you along for company can be the change of scenery your divorced friend needs. Because of the many options a spa package offers, he or she can set the tone and create the experience that is most comfortable for them. After all, isn’t that what life after divorce is about?